The NBA. The National Basketball Association. Many people claim they love it. To the commercials starring recording artist and actors saying “I love this game!” The mad dash for the newest Jordans. Endless summer basketball tournaments…I LOVE THIS GAME!! But do you really?? If you do, then explain to me why ‘The Human Highlight Film” Dominique Wilkins was excluded from the 1997 list of 50 Greatest players of the NBA?? Being widely considered one of the 50th Greatest player but don’t make the list does not do it for me.  If I begin to list his accomplishments, this blog would read like

Wikipedia. Only old heads speak fondly of Dominique.  I’m a New York Knicks fan, but I watch and study basketball. I may not like a certain team, but I do my research for when I have points to back up. I watched Dominique play. Believe me. He was the truth. He did it all and then some. Scored with the best of them. Rebounded with the best of them. Handed out dimes too. And of course, please do not be on the receiving end of a fast break and Dominique has the ball. Let’s just say he rarely laid it in. It’s a travesty of humongous proportions that he is left off the list of 50 Greatest players of the NBA. 

Mark Price, former point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. To see him play was satisfying. I don’t see too many point guards today that can run a fast break, stop on a dime, and pull up for a trey. His release was sick. I patterned my game after him. Price could squeeze the rock in the tightest of places. If he was on your team, your scoring average went up. Deadly outside threat. He made the game look easy. 

Kevin Johnson. KJ to the hardcore fan. It’s very surprising that his name doesn’t come often when it comes to name a PG who controlled to rock with mystifying talents.  Even though he did instigate a brawl with my beloved Knicks in 1992, KJ always rose to the occasion. His speed was baffling, could pass with rock with deadly accuracy, and if necessary, will shoot your lights out. And his ups?? If you are a collector of “All Time NBA Playoff Facials.” You surely remember KJ’s Game Four memorable, baseline driving, up in the air, pivot ever so slightly, and dunk on seven-foot center Houston Rocket center Hakeem Olajuwon. By the way.  KJ scored 38 points, and handed out 12 assist.  The second consecutive time he put up those numbers against the eventual NBA Champion Rockets in the 1995 Western Conference Semifinals.

There are many more that need to be listed. Xavier McDaniels, Shawn Kemp, Drazen Petrovic, Gary Payton, Derek Harper. The list can go on. With the exception of Dominique Wilkins,(Clyde Drexler made the list but not Dominique??)do your research on the players mentioned. It was pure joy watching these men ball.

Gone. But I didn’t forget you.about.


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