Real Talk!


Still one of the best & CRAZIEST DUNKS in College! 9 DAYS INTO  THE YEAR.


For some years growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I always had this misconception that many of the best basketball players in the country usually came out of the North East and or the Mid-West/West coast.  I never really heard of to many great players coming out of the south besides playing college basketball.  Even Michael Jordan himself was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved south and built a name for him self.

The South for me growing up was stereotyped as football country.  All they did in the south was breed big football players while up north especially in New York, Basketball was the sport of choice, then baseball and then football!

20 years later after playing then coaching my own basketball teams, I choose to hang up the sneakers as well as my whistle, and picked up a pen to write about what’s not being writing in sports period.  I call it the other side of the game, Real Talk!

Wednesday, March 23rd 2010, I just left the gymnasium of South Side high school in Greenville, SC where I met with Southside’s high school Boys Varsity  Basketball Head Coach, BJ Jackson of the Southside Tigers.

In my 30 minute interview with Coach Jackson, I felt the energy of a man, a true leader that’s just not leading his troops onto victories on the basketball court, but striving to be the best while excelling in education as well.

With 9 years of coaching experience under his belt as well as being a former athlete himself, Coach Jackson understands what it takes to not only win and be competitive on this level, but to work hard and keep education as their foundation at the end of the day.  Who else better to lead our youth of tomorrow than Coach Jackson! A man with a great vision for the game and a strong stance on education.  A man that the players can look up to, respect and relate to.

Not only is Coach Jackson blessed as he would say, to be a part of something beautiful at Southside high school, but his coaching style and talent has kept the Tigers in tradition with winning.  This year Coach Jackson led his Tigers to their third straight visit to South Carolina State Championship in three years.

After four years in Class AA that included four trips to the Upper State final, three state championship game appearances and two state titles; Southside high school, who is currently in Division AA will move up next season to Class AAA.

Next up is the sit down interview that I had with Coach Jackson of Southside Tigers basketball program.  It’s and interview that parents as well as up and coming players need to listen to, when considering to attend Southside high school this fall and playing for a rich and diverse basketball program under coach Jackson and the Southside Tigers.

From the staff here at WGISports, this is Real Talk! And the Live interview is coming soon…

Peace & Love, Always


The Other Side of the Game Pt I the Interview

 The Other Side of the Game pt II the Audio Interview


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