Pop Sports

Many of today’s rappers vs. yesterday Lyricist have made a huge impact on our community. From creating a new career in hip hop, to selling units at a faster rate than many people predicted.  Whether you like it or not, the hip hop community has spoken, and it’s here to stay in a big way! From the streets of NY with “afrika bambaataa” and one of his most memorable songs: “Planet Rock”; to Soulja Boy tell’em.  Hip Hop has evolved. 

From a fans perspective, this was predicted.  From societies view point; Hip Hop should not have lasted this long.  Well none believers, not only did Hip Hop withstand and survive the many blows that it received, it evolved to a global phenomenon.  Hip Hop, under the corporation’s nose, infiltrated boardrooms and bought out half ownership shares to many top level organizations and was forced to merge with a world that they categorized as violent, unintelligent and beneath them.

In this new Millennium, Hip Hop can now add a new category to its long list of achievements; Ownership! Who would have ever foreseen this advancement from such a dysfunctional genre of music called rap? Russell Simmons, P. Diddy and Dr. Dre, has really set the tone for running a business, investments and Entrepreneurship. 

Now in this new millennium, Jay-Z raised the bar with not only being the one time president of Def Jam and CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records; but to become part owner of the New Jersey Nets is a whole new look for Hip Hop. Here are a few other notable projects that Mr. Carter has surrounded himself with: Anheuser-Busch as co-brand director on strategic marketing programs and creative ad development; also in Oct of 2005, it was reported in the English media that Jay-Z was considering buying a stake of the soccer team, (Arsenal F.C.).  Finally, the latest word around town is that Jay-Z has part ownership of the NY Jets.  Although I can not find any record or truth to this story; once again it goes to show the media world, the heavy influence; as Commissioner David Stern calls it, Pop Culture’s heavy influence on sports and athletes. An to all you youngsters out there; instead of jealous behavior that resorts to the so called violence in Hip Hop, why not borrow from the blue print that many of these pop icons have laid down, such as a Russell Simons, Dr. Dre, P. Diddy and now Jay-Z, and change that negative into a positive and become that next positive person that can make a difference in our Pop Culture’s Influence on Sports & Athletes world.


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