First Spygate…now Deflategate. The New England Patriots seems to be an organization that can’t shy away from controversy. The alleged conspiracy to deflate the football during the Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts further taints their reputation as the upstanding organization they present themselves to be.

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Press Conference New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady - Press Conference

In 2007, Bill Belichick and his coaching staff was found guilty of taping their opponent’s defensive signals to gain an unfair advantage in a game. Once it was investigated it was also revealed that he has been practicing this illegal process since the early 2000’s which include the years the Patriots went  to the Superbowl. This has drawn the ire of many NFL teams, particularly their division rivals who see the Patriots as cheaters. This is almost akin to the ‘Steroid Era’ in baseball  when it was found out that Mark McGuire  and  Sammy Sosa  among many others, were taking performance enhancement supplements.  Obviously in the NFL it is impossible to cheat that way, is this another tactic to get an edge?

At  the Patriots’ press conference, Bill Belichick claimed his innocence and denied any knowledge of what  was going on. He even says that in practice he has his team practice with footballs in far worse conditions. He also went on to say that an issue like this should actually be addressed to Tom Brady because he’s the quarterback and he’s responsible for what kind of footballs he needs to use to perform his best. That’s a pretty risqué answer consider one can take that as him throwing his quarterback under the bus. In urban terms, that’s called ‘dry snitching’. When Tom Brady took to the podium he was bombarded with many poignant questions that he seemed to struggle answering. The answer that struck me was the answer to the question, “Are you a cheater?” to which he replied, “I don’t think so..we follow the rules to the letter.” I don’t think so?…hmmmm..maybe it’s just me but I think that’s a yes or no answer, not ‘I don’t think so’. Even if you are lying at least be convincing! LOL!


The NFL is currently conducting an investigation regarding this matter. However, for football fans this reeks of lack in integrity and good sportsmanship. If the Patriots are found guilty, this will put a big asterisk on their achievements and success.


Michael Jordan is a billionaire…but what does that mean for the community? @WGISports

JordanMichael Jordan has made history yet again. He becomes the first retired NBA player to become a billionaire. With revenues from his Jordan brand and his increased stake in ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats, his pockets have become obese. In 2013, Jordan pocketed 90 million just from his shoe sales of the Jordan brand. His shoes are still the most sought after even amongst the current superstars of the NBA. His name is iconic. People spend nights outside of retail stores to be the first in line for the purchase of his new line of sneakers every year. The lines outside of stores anticipating the release of the new Jordans are mind boggling. The support from the urban communities across this country is strong. But where is his support for them?

While people are trying to be the first to purchase Jordans on the first day of sales, Jordan is rumored to have invested his money in prisons to lock up these same people. Prison is big business, and Jordan allegedly has purchased stakes in this venture. He is a hero to many people. Adored, admired and respected. Some of the current NBA players themselves were once kids from the urban community that looked up to Jordan. I’m from the school that if love is given, love should be exchanged. This doesn’t seem to be the case with him. I guess it was enough for him to perform and excel at the highest level in the NBA to the delight and excitement of the fans. But the thing that gets me is how things are systematically set up to the detriment of the poor and to the advantage of the rich.

While the making of these sneakers are at cheap labor, the prices of these sneakers are at a high markup. These high prices are to cover for the marketing, rent stability, and payout to the endorser. Not to mention the company/corporation has to see some profit to keep afloat. Meanwhile, the poor people who want to wear these sneakers to feel associated to some type of self worth save multiple checks, or spend their tax money. The super desperate however, resort to killing the ones who stood in line to purchase his sneakers. And this is where investing in prisons would come in handy. These killings over Jordans have been going on for decades…literally. Almost 30 years to be exact since the first inception of the Air Jordans. In an interview done back in the mid eighties, Jordan said that to blame him for the killings over his sneakers is a cop out. The responsibility should fall on the parents to teach the kids values. While that may be true, Jordan should know by now that in this country the media influences the minds of many, and he has used the media to influence the minds to purchase his product. There are many households without a stable foundation therefore the children are being raised by the media. His response was ideal in theory, but he knows that’s not the reality of this country especially in the urban communities. Therefore, an investment in prisons would be profitable. Whether true or not,as an icon in the community as well as globally, it would have been nice to see him use his money to build more schools and community centers to help the underserved. It would have been nice of him to help in decreasing the killings, instead of anticipating it. To deny your influence on society with the help of media is the real cop out.



This is the conference I believe will be filled with surprises and upsets. The competition is so serious on this side! All the teams are well coached, and very talented with exciting superstars with quality role players that can be starters for many teams. The 8th seed in the Western Conference, if moved to the Eastern Conference would dominate! Two reasons this is the case: quality guards are paired with quality big men…In all the teams! I see upsets!’s my breakdown!


Oklahoma City vs. Memphis Grizzlies (series tied 2-2)

Memphis-Grizzlies-2014-NBA-FinalsA must watch series. The explosiveness and skill set of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook against the power and skill of Zach Randolph and Mark Gasol. Not to mention the budding stardom of Memphis pg. Mike Conley who right now would be considered a top ten point guard. This series has been close, it has been a knock down, drag out fight. Every shot was contested. And all the stars are playing at optimum levels. It can go either way and it will go the distance. Prediction: KD has his partner in crime back which will help OKC climb over this big hump. OKC in 7.


Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors (series tied 2-2)

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers - Game TwoAnother must watch series. Golden State surprised the Clippers taking the first game in their house. However they responded with a complete thrashing in game 2. But it still works well for the Warriors as they now have home court advantage. All they needed was one away game. A lot of offensive firepower in this series with the “Splash brothers” Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson going against point god(yes, I meant that..point god) Chris Paul and the ever explosive and athletic Blake Griffin. This has become a budding rivalry as they have started jawing at each other and got into a few skirmishes in recent past. Both teams have two brilliant and hard nosed coaches in Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson who comes from the school of team ball and defense. This series is exciting because you will see both offense and defense on display. Game 2 notwithstanding…Prediction: The Warriors will come out to play, and play past this series. Golden State in 7.


Portland Trailblazers vs. Houston Rockets (Portland leads 3-1)

dl-pbLaMarcus Aldridge is that dude! It’s been said that the playoffs births legends and if this is any indication, Aldridge is well on his way. Superb performances by him scoring back to back 40+ points. Accompanied by another budding star Damian Lillard, Portland’s one-two punch is working effectively thus far. What’s Dwight and James Harden to do? Will they recover? I doubt it. Prediction: Trailblazers in 6.





Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs (series tied 2-2)

San Antonio Spurs v Dallas MavericksThe Spurs’ geriatric crew just knows how win, knows success like we know how to tie our shoes. This is why they are back in the mix. Often boring to watch but they are a well oiled machine that is fundamentally sound, and their basketball I.Q. is off the charts. Dirk is riding hard for Dallas with a jump shooting Vince Carter and Shawn Marion, but it won’t get them far against this fine tuned vintage squad. Prediction: Spurs in 6

NBA Playoffs Part 1: The Eastern Conference

Eastern-Conference-Playoffs-NBA~~NBA Playoffs Part 1: Eastern Conference

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and we’ve already had some excitement and shocking wins. Teams that you think were just tune ups for the projected favorites are giving them a hard way to go. We may be up for some possible upsets in the first round. Here are my breakdowns and predictions:

Brooklyn Nets VS. Toronto Raptors (series tied 1-1)

The Nets shocked Toronto fans and took game one on their home court led by a typical 4th quarter clutch performance by Paul Pierce. This is why the Nets signed on the battle-tested, championship caliber, future Hall of Famer. Game 2 was close as the Nets almost pulled it out but the Raptors held serve. Prediction: Youth and athleticism will prevail over the elders. Raptors in 7.
Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards (Wizards lead series 2-0)

Washington is up in this series but don’t count the Bulls out. They are a hard-nosed, defensively superior team that will not lie down. However, without Derrick Rose, I don’t see them getting past this round. Prediction: Wizards in 6

Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks (series tied 1-1)

Atlanta caught the Pacers slipping and took the first game. However, the Pacers bounced back and reminded them why they are the number 1 seed. Prediction: That will be the first and last time the Hawks will catch them slipping. Pacers in 5.


Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats (Heat leads 1-0)

This one will be a cakewalk. Get the brooms ready.

….Meanwhile, In Brooklyn… #NBA #brooklynnets #Brooklyn

downloadNew York basketball fanJ Kidd 300×225 ….Meanwhile, In Brooklyn… #NBA #brooklynnets #Brooklyns were griping, complaining and bashing the New York Knicks over their extremely disappointing season. That is, until Phil Jackson assumed position in the front office as President of Basketball Operations. Now, with the Knicks winning 9 of their last 12 games, there is a glimmer of hope at Madison Square Garden with even the possibility of the Knicks miraculously securing the final playoff spot. But with the Knicks occupying the minds of the media with talk and headlines, it seems that people are forgetting about that other New York team that resides in Brooklyn. Yes, the Brooklyn Nets are quietly cruising along towards a successful basketball season headed by first year coach Jason Kidd. Currently they own the 5th spot in playoff standings in the Eastern Conference. Many thought that Kidd was in over his head after a dreadful 10-21 start ending the 2013 year.

There was even speculation that he appointed Lawrence Frank to do the actual coaching because he didn’t know what he was doing. All that has subsided now after posting a remarkable 29-12 mark since the beginning of 2014. The pieces are now coming together and the Nets will be a dangerous team to contend with come playoff time. They have championship caliber veterans in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett who can motivate and guide their teammates to success in the postseason. Sean Livingston has become quite the x-factor when it comes to players providing big plays in crucial moments of games. And, of course, we can’t forget Mr. Clutch, Joe Johnson, who relishes having the ball in the final seconds and makes it look so easy. All these components are coming together at the right time and it can be scary for other teams. Congrats to J. Kidd on his successful rookie coaching season. This may be his first year but he’s been coaching for a long time. No sleep till Brooklyn. Better yet, ya betta not sleep on Brooklyn!


Allen Iverson

After a few attempts to make a comeback to the NBA after playing overseas in Turkey, AI has come to terms with the fact that his services were no longer wanted in the NBA. As a fan this is sad to see because he is not really retiring on his own terms. Last year in an interview on NBA TV he stated that he has a lot left in the tank. He had a lot left to offer. As highly energetic he was as a player I doubt that within a year his tank has emptied. But now the time has come for Allen Iverson to be part of NBA history. He is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) small men to play guard in the league. He has surpassed Tiny Archibald and Isaiah Thomas. No disrespect to them at all but it seems like Tiny set the bar, then Zeke raised the bar, then AI catapulted the bar. Allow me to display his body of work: In his 15 years in the league AI was an All-Star 11 times, a 2-time All-Star MVP, averaged 26.7 points in his career, a 2001 NBA Finals appearance, 1996 Rookie of the Year, and one of the top leaders in steals. Hall of fame numbers if you ask me. I believe too much pride and lack of discipline became his detriment.  And now he is being judged harshly for it. Hypocritical? Quite possibly, as we all make mistakes that question our integrity and moral fortitude. But hey, the executives are the ones with the power and money, right? It is with hope that AI can be productive in life after basketball because he loved the game so much. And we loved watching him play so much. We will miss you, Al…

Detroit Pistons guard Allen Iverson stands on the court during the second half of their NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Auburn Hills


With the end of the 2012-13 NBA Season, There were some high expectations for many NBA Teams coming into the 2013-14 Season by Fans, Players and Owners.

Southeast Conference:

HeatThe Miami Heat with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 etc. The Heat really didn’t do much this off season to add depth to their current roster besides adding Greg Oden.  Now with that being said, If Oden stays healthy and plays minimal minutes and is around for the playoffs, now we’re talking 3peat! But, that also includes D. Wade staying healthy as well!



Atlantic Conference:


The New York Knicks has not won a championship since 1972-73, which puts them being relevant as Champions back about 41 yrs!  This year if Coach Woodson manages the roster correctly and run the right plays for his players, this could be a good year for the Knicks considering if James Dolan doesn’t tamper with the  roster! The Knicks are thee Deepest team in the League this year and it should be interesting as well as exciting to watch Basketball in NY Once again, especially against their cross town Rivals.  The Knicks have the potential to win their conference granting any major health problems.



The Brooklyn NETS who would love to play spoiler to the Knicks in winning one as the new kids on the block as well as Jason Kidd finishing what he started but this time as a coach & adding some veteran fire power in Pierce and Garnett never hurts!   The Nets can easily steal the Atlantic conf. from the Knicks given the Knicks track record but it’s highly doubtful.  Both Veterans are looking to come out and make a statement that they are not old and can still Ball with the best of them! This Brooklyn Nets team is a WIN NOW! Team, failure to do so will result in trades of their weakest links including firing the coach! So if the Nets have a slow start look for heads to roll early. With this type of heavy scrutiny from your own Owner, who knows what this team will look like at then end of the 2013-14.


Central Conference:

download (1)

The Bulls have Derrick Rose, their leader back coupled with Boozer, Noah, Deng & Butler this should make for an interesting first half of the season.  Can’t give them a Grade yet, verdict is still out on team chemistry, balance & D. Rose’s Leg! Plus they lost some of their electricity off the bench when they didn’t sign Nate Robinson.




The Pacers!! This can be debatable but I don’t think I would meet too much opposition by say that this team could be the most dangerous team in the EAST!!!  The PACERs have lost nothing but gained a whole lot of experience in the playoffs.  This team is going to be a problem night in and out for a lot of teams once the season starts.  From Paul George coupled up with Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson who had a coming out party in the playoffs with a few bench players and the return of Danny Granger, this team if they don’t have a slow start, is my favorite to win the their conference over the Bulls.!!!

My prediction at the end of the Eastern Conf goes like this:

1. Heat

2. Pacers

3. Knicks

4. Nets

5. Bulls

8. Cavs

The last 3 spots are hard because no other team is that great!!!