We Go In Sports LLC (WGISports), is a Sports Media Group.  Our purpose is to deliver refreshing sports stories, news and events using modern day technology. 

Our goal is to reconnect the fans to the game by making each fan a part of the action once again whether it’s through reading our stories, attending one of our many events, or just voicing their opinions on our site.  We just want the fans to feel like they are part of the game.

Our general areas of focus are:

Quality Stories, as well as responsible news reporting.

  • Exciting, Entertaining as well as Interactive events.
  • Live, sports coverage.
  • Quality and informative interviews from Amateur athletes to Professional athletes.

WGISports wants to bridge the sports gap by approaching the game from a different viewpoint which starts from the coach’s eyes, through the athletes’ mouth, to the fans ears.

We want to feature not just popular and raising athletes living in large market cities, but to also feature athletes that are hidden gems in smaller markets.   Ultimately

We want to award every athlete the same opportunity by making a difference not just in their own lives, but to make a difference in their communities so that someone else may have a shot at success.

We are looking to promote sports in a more positive light as well as host sports clinics that will improve an athletes sports IQ.  We also plan to host seminars and workshops for athletes that are transitioning from High School to College level of amateur sports, and how better micro manage their personal lives and finances.



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