The NBA is Back!!

The 2015-16 season has begun to the excitement of all basketball fans and junkies. After watching what has transpired in the draft, the summer league, and free agency, players who have joined their respective teams will finally get to show what they got on the real stage. Once again we will see old faces in new places in addition to the top rookies making their professional debut. We will have a lot of things to look forward to this season. Starting with:
A. The New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony enters his 6th campaign with the Knicks under the (real) leadership of Phil Jackson. Can he and the Knicks finally adapt and adjust to the triangle system that’s been a proven winning system? As the Knicks’ lone scorer and superstar, we will see if the new acquisitions over free agency and the draft are the proper pieces for this organization to be successful.


B. The Los Angeles Lakers

The Black Mamba returns and his entering into his 20th season!…20! Man time flies! I remember when he was a young 17 year old pup with the tremendous upside to the point that the Lakers were willing to give up mega talented two guard Eddie Jones to create roster space for him. And we see how that turned out. Coming off successful surgery Bryant will be playing alongside a new generation of talent with tremendous upside. Will the Lakers return to prominence? Will this be his last year?…we shall see.



C. The Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant returns to play with Russell Westbrook to re-establish the dynamic one-two punch they always were. Will they return to and make noise deep into the playoffs?



D. The Chicago Bulls

d rose
Can Derek Rose stay healthy?? I will be nervous watching him every time he goes up for a layup! They will be a formidable team for opponents with him and emerging star Jimmy Butler in the backcourt!



E. The San Antonio Spurs

That well oiled machine that is the Spurs. The addition of free agent LaMarcus Aldridge just seems to make things unfair!
And lastly, We will be looking at this rookie class to see how impactful they will be for their teams!
Enjoy the season folks!!

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