The NFL is Back!!

It is here, folks!!..Tomorrow night starts the opening of the 2015 NFL season! With training camp and preseason wrapped up, it’s time for the real deal! Teflon Tom Brady was absolved from all charges and he will be leading his Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers on opening night. Then on Sunday we will witness the debuts of some of the first round draft picks including Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariotta, Amari Cooper, and Leonard “Big Cat” Williams!

rex ryan bills

We have old faces in new places. In some instances, it’s the case of “Sleeping with the enemy” as Rex Ryan mans the ship of AFC East rival Buffalo Bills. Whenever they play the Jets that will be Must see football! Demarco Murray is now an Eagle..whoah! Speaking of rivals, the New York Giants will have Victor Cruz back to play alongside new sensation Odell Beckham Jr. That’s a tandem to watch!


Jimmy Graham will debut as a Seahawk. Revis and Cromartie has returned to the Jets with the addition of new head coach Tod Bowles. How will Jadeveon Clowney play after undergoing surgery? Tim Tebow is back!?!?…All of this to look forward to and so much more starting tomorrow night. In the immortal words of former Raven and Jet linebacker Bart Scott..”CAN’T WAIT!



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