Conspiracy, Racism, and White Privilege; the Hurdles of a Black NFL Quarterback.

As I watched the Super bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, I anticipated a great game between two great teams. I thought the game would go down as another classic game to remember. Under one minute left, Denver up 24-21, and Cam Newton would have the ball and lead his offense to the end zone with a brilliant drive to cap off his MVP season. I understood that the Broncos had the top ranked defense in the league. However, Cam was a one man cavalry that had the arm and feet to will his offense to victory…or so I thought.
Needless to say the Broncos solidified the theory that defense wins championships as they neutralized Cam and his offense all game en route to a 24-10 victory. The only things exciting about the Super Bowl was the hype leading towards it, the pregame show, and the halftime show. The game itself was pretty anti climatic as there were a lot of stalled drives, monotonous play and silly mistakes. I guess one can attribute some of that to the Denver defense. But still , in spite of all of that I thought there would be some excitement even in a 24-10 game. When the Broncos were blown out by the Seahawks two years ago in the Super Bowl, the defense was dominating and put on an exciting performance.

Things got interesting after the Super Bowl though. There was harsh criticism of Cam Newton of his display of bad sportsmanship and attitude when he walked out of the post game press conference. He got it from everybody. From the twitter assaults to former NFL players. One former player, Bill Romanowski, was quoted saying (tweeting),”You will never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn’t revolve around you, boy!” His tweet, along with a barrage of others calling him, “pussy”, “nigger”, “crybaby”, and “arrogant” filled up social media post Super Bowl. To add insult to injury, there were rumblings that perhaps the game was fixed so that the much heralded deity that is Peyton Manning could finish his Hall of Fame career with a storybook ending.

Let’s say the allegations of Cam Newton throwing the game was true. Does one not see the correlation that once again, another black athlete is objectified to raise the benevolence of his white counterpart? Peyton Manning is football royalty. He supposedly represents all that is right in the NFL. How quickly we forget the time when he walked off the field without shaking anyone’s hand after his loss in Super Bowl 44 to Drew Brees and the Saints? the general consensus was that it was his competitive spirit and passion to want to win the game. Cam was more than gracious in his defeat and showed respect and sportsmanship when he congratulated Manning after the game. However he is maligned for the post game interview. Can we not attribute his sour attitude to competitive nature? after all, he did shake his opponents’ hands. Not to mention that the other issue that wasn’t brought up was that the media had both teams in the same room at the same time interviewing the players. I don’t know if that is a regular occurrence but I don’t think anyone who invests such emotion and dedication to a game and ends up on the losing end cares to hear what the winning opposition has to say.

This isn’t the only incident where the black quarterback is looked at with a different lens than his white counterpart. Michael Vick spent his prime years in prison for dog fighting and was eviscerated by sports fans all over the country. Not to make any excuses for him but in certain areas and upbringings in the South, dog fighting as well as cockfighting is a culture. However animal cruelty is animal cruelty however you slice it, but so is human cruelty in the context of sexual assault and misogyny of which Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger never paid a penance for be it legally or in the court of public opinion. Troubled Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is facing domestic violence charges in addition to his already perceived immature behavior off the field. Perceived? yes. Judged harshly? no. Vilified in social media? No. Why? it’s simple: a microcosm of white privilege raring it’s ugly head. The white athletes of the world just simply make immature mistakes. They need to grow up. The black athletes of the world are monsters, creeps and thugs. Any mistake the black athlete makes is used to define them. The white athlete is not judged on that merit. The quarterback, black or white, is the face of the franchise and organization. He is the leader on the field and the extension of the coach. Unfortunately for the black quarterback the pressure is triple the amount to uphold character and integrity on and off the field. He comes into the league already with three hurdles in front of him: conspiracy, racism, and white privilege.


The NBA is Back!!

The 2015-16 season has begun to the excitement of all basketball fans and junkies. After watching what has transpired in the draft, the summer league, and free agency, players who have joined their respective teams will finally get to show what they got on the real stage. Once again we will see old faces in new places in addition to the top rookies making their professional debut. We will have a lot of things to look forward to this season. Starting with:
A. The New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony enters his 6th campaign with the Knicks under the (real) leadership of Phil Jackson. Can he and the Knicks finally adapt and adjust to the triangle system that’s been a proven winning system? As the Knicks’ lone scorer and superstar, we will see if the new acquisitions over free agency and the draft are the proper pieces for this organization to be successful.


B. The Los Angeles Lakers

The Black Mamba returns and his entering into his 20th season!…20! Man time flies! I remember when he was a young 17 year old pup with the tremendous upside to the point that the Lakers were willing to give up mega talented two guard Eddie Jones to create roster space for him. And we see how that turned out. Coming off successful surgery Bryant will be playing alongside a new generation of talent with tremendous upside. Will the Lakers return to prominence? Will this be his last year?…we shall see.



C. The Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant returns to play with Russell Westbrook to re-establish the dynamic one-two punch they always were. Will they return to and make noise deep into the playoffs?



D. The Chicago Bulls

d rose
Can Derek Rose stay healthy?? I will be nervous watching him every time he goes up for a layup! They will be a formidable team for opponents with him and emerging star Jimmy Butler in the backcourt!



E. The San Antonio Spurs

That well oiled machine that is the Spurs. The addition of free agent LaMarcus Aldridge just seems to make things unfair!
And lastly, We will be looking at this rookie class to see how impactful they will be for their teams!
Enjoy the season folks!!

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The NFL is Back!!

It is here, folks!!..Tomorrow night starts the opening of the 2015 NFL season! With training camp and preseason wrapped up, it’s time for the real deal! Teflon Tom Brady was absolved from all charges and he will be leading his Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers on opening night. Then on Sunday we will witness the debuts of some of the first round draft picks including Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariotta, Amari Cooper, and Leonard “Big Cat” Williams!

rex ryan bills

We have old faces in new places. In some instances, it’s the case of “Sleeping with the enemy” as Rex Ryan mans the ship of AFC East rival Buffalo Bills. Whenever they play the Jets that will be Must see football! Demarco Murray is now an Eagle..whoah! Speaking of rivals, the New York Giants will have Victor Cruz back to play alongside new sensation Odell Beckham Jr. That’s a tandem to watch!


Jimmy Graham will debut as a Seahawk. Revis and Cromartie has returned to the Jets with the addition of new head coach Tod Bowles. How will Jadeveon Clowney play after undergoing surgery? Tim Tebow is back!?!?…All of this to look forward to and so much more starting tomorrow night. In the immortal words of former Raven and Jet linebacker Bart Scott..”CAN’T WAIT!



Today’s Athletes are getting smarter!

Sports fans, meet Ryan Broyles. Ryan is a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. Drafted in 2012, Broyles is in the final year of his rookie contract of 3.6 million of which only 1.4 was guaranteed. However, after consulting his financial adviser…and his wife, Broyles and his wife came up with a budget where they would live off of only 60k a year, and save and invest the rest. If only so much of our athletes thought this way, no one would be broke! because there should be no reason for any one of these athletes to be broke when their salaries look like power ball lottery numbers…I salute this young man!

Ryan Broles


– A tribute by a Die Hard Knick fan


The 90’s was a great decade for Knick fans, especially myself. We never got a championship but it was a given that whenever you tuned in to a game or went to a game, you got exciting basketball from the Knicks. The Knicks of the 90’s embodied what New York was about; fearlessness, the grit, the grind and toughness. They were in your face and challenged your manhood. With them they were either winning the game or winning the fight. It didn’t matter. It was the big fella, Pat Ewing, holding down the middle with the scrappy hothead John Starks and/or Derek Harper and Doc Rivers in the backcourt.  Ewing had his henchmen holding down the frontcourt. You couldn’t ask for any better  enforcers  than Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason.

Anthony Mason IS New York. He was born in Miami but  raised in Queens and came up the hard way. He was drafted in the third round by the Portland Trailblazers and then cut shortly afterwards. He spent years in the CBA and the USBL before he was called up to join the Knicks. Teammates took notice of his bruising and rugged play in practice and he quickly earned their respect. He was a perfect fit for their style. From 1991 to 1996 he was part of a glorious run which included consecutive trips to the playoffs going as far as the Eastern Conference Finals. They had earned division and conference titles. Eventually, they finally got over the hump and made it to the NBA Finals where they came up short in an epic series battle with the Houston Rockets. In 1995, He won the 6th Man of the year award.


What I remember fondly about Mase was the crazy haircuts he would have with quotes and phrases on the side of his head. I was always amazed how a man built like an NFL lineman, had superb ball handling skills that rivals Isaiah Thomas. I mean not only would the man snatch a rebound, he could take it coast to coast and finish at the rim, breaking ankles along the way! I remember the awkward form he had to use to shoot the ball because his arms were too diesel.anthony-mason4

I remember how him and Oakley would constantly bully Scottie Pippen and rough up Michael Jordan.  I also remember the rift he had with Pat Ewing because he felt that he could score too and Ewing shouldn’t always have to get the ball. Did that rift cause him to get traded? I don’t know, but there was a lot of speculation. When he got traded for Larry Johnson (conveniently because the organization felt they needed more offense), I like many Knick fans was skeptical about this move because we knew Mase could score. Besides, LJ had a bad back. By now Mase was a fan favorite so Larry Johnson had to prove himself big time because it was some big shoes he had to fill. Eventually LJ did (4 point play anyone?) but Mase was still missed.

When I found out a week ago that Mase suffered a massive heart attack I was shocked. I had hoped that he would recover. During the week reports came in that said he was recovering. Sadly, last Saturday it wasn’t enough as  God called Mase home.  As a fan and knowing the type of player that he was, my heart sank hearing the news of his death. It was almost like a friend of mine dying. But I’m glad knowing that Mase left his mark in a big way that you have no choice but to respect. And as a fan, I’ll take that gift. Rest in peace, Mase…


The Boston Celtics Vs The New York Knicks 2013 Playoff Game Two Blue Carpet


R.I.P from WGI, DJ Franchise crying


The NBA All-Stars are back in New York!All-Star-2015

New York City is hosting the All-Star festivities once again! It will be a fun filled, action packed, and exciting weekend for the city. All the clubs, bars, and lounges will be filled to capacity to host celebrities and the NBA stars alike in addition to the All-Star weekend events. The last time New York hosted this event was 17 years ago when we witnessed the emergence of new All-Stars such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan. Now with an illustrious career and a place in the Hall of Fame in their near future, they have now passed the torch to the likes of Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, Kyrie Irving, and John Wall. Time has indeed flown by. It’s hard to picture Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant as the old sages now. But that’s the beauty of generations. Each one has something exciting to give to the world! And now, the world watches along with New York as these new superstars take the court!

Eastern All-Stars

Starters: Lebron James, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol and Kyle Lowry

Reserves: Jeff Teague, Paul Milsap, Jimmy Butler, Al Horford, Chris Bosh, and Kyrie Irving

Note: Dwyane Wade was selected but he will not play due to injury. He was replaced by Kyle Korver.


Western All-Stars

Starters: Steph Curry,Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol, Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin

Reserves: Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, James Harden and Tim Duncan

Note: Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis and Kobe Bryant will not play due to injury. They were replaced by Damian Lillard, Dirk Nowitzski, Clay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins.


Enjoy the weekend, New York!!



As we approach another Super Bowl, there is always an entertaining moment/s during media week where reporters can catch the greatest sound bites ever. This week is no different with this year’s cast of characters starring the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. But this year’s leading man is none other than the streetwise and book smart superstar cornerback himself, Mr. Richard Sherman.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

Sherman is an exciting personality. He has the ability to keep his name in people’s mouths. Love him or hate him, he’s got your attention. Sherman definitely had a lot to say regarding all things Patriots. Be it Deflategate, the reputation of Tom Brady, or how Commissioner Roger Goodell handles his relationship with Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft. He is a man that doesn’t mince his words. He draws the ire of many sportscasters because he is intelligent, and very confident, and he will let you know about it. Just recently he shot down a reporter who asked him if he was the best cornerback in the NFL. After he refused to answer, the reporter prodded again asking him who was the best between him and Darelle Revis, to which Sherman replied, “I don’t answer pre-school questions” and continued to admonish him for his perceived lack of journalistic credibility. But that’s Mr. Sherman for you. You see, years ago he has already answered that question. Therefore, he saw no need to answer it again. He will answer questions he feels worthy of answering. And that is what the media doesn’t like. A man in control, not being controlled.

Then you have his counterpart, the enigmatic, comedic running back they call “Beastmode” aka Marshawn Lynch. His recent one word answers and phrases to the reporters for all questions has been the talk of social media of recent weeks. To the delight of sports fans nationwide they love the way he handles the media. Even Russell Westbrook took a page from Lynch’s book when he was recently interviewed after a game. Lynch has received a lot of backlash to the point that Seahawks fans created an online petition telling the media to “Leave Beastmode Alone!” One can only imagine what Lynch will have to uh “say” this week.

Marshawn Lynch  kraft521








On the other side of the ball you have the Patriots with “Deflategate”. Owner Robert Kraft has now jumped into the fray proclaiming his team’s innocence and expects and apology from the NFL after the investigation supports their innocence. He strongly defended his coach and quarterback’s honesty and integrity. “I’ve known Bill and Tom for 15 years. They are my guys. They are my family” Kraft said, “We’ve had many conversations and I do not know them to ever lie to me”. That’s interesting coming from the owner when they have already been found guilty of “Spygate”. As Richard Sherman pointed out in one of his press conferences, he doesn’t expect a hefty penalty for this alleged illegal activity as Goodell has created a personal relationship with Kraft with the occasional house visits. Can all this affect the outcome of the game? Probably not. But for the casual fan, there’s enough back-stories behind these two organizations to determine who you would like to root for…if you choose to use it.


First Spygate…now Deflategate. The New England Patriots seems to be an organization that can’t shy away from controversy. The alleged conspiracy to deflate the football during the Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts further taints their reputation as the upstanding organization they present themselves to be.

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Press Conference New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady - Press Conference

In 2007, Bill Belichick and his coaching staff was found guilty of taping their opponent’s defensive signals to gain an unfair advantage in a game. Once it was investigated it was also revealed that he has been practicing this illegal process since the early 2000’s which include the years the Patriots went  to the Superbowl. This has drawn the ire of many NFL teams, particularly their division rivals who see the Patriots as cheaters. This is almost akin to the ‘Steroid Era’ in baseball  when it was found out that Mark McGuire  and  Sammy Sosa  among many others, were taking performance enhancement supplements.  Obviously in the NFL it is impossible to cheat that way, is this another tactic to get an edge?

At  the Patriots’ press conference, Bill Belichick claimed his innocence and denied any knowledge of what  was going on. He even says that in practice he has his team practice with footballs in far worse conditions. He also went on to say that an issue like this should actually be addressed to Tom Brady because he’s the quarterback and he’s responsible for what kind of footballs he needs to use to perform his best. That’s a pretty risqué answer consider one can take that as him throwing his quarterback under the bus. In urban terms, that’s called ‘dry snitching’. When Tom Brady took to the podium he was bombarded with many poignant questions that he seemed to struggle answering. The answer that struck me was the answer to the question, “Are you a cheater?” to which he replied, “I don’t think so..we follow the rules to the letter.” I don’t think so?…hmmmm..maybe it’s just me but I think that’s a yes or no answer, not ‘I don’t think so’. Even if you are lying at least be convincing! LOL!


The NFL is currently conducting an investigation regarding this matter. However, for football fans this reeks of lack in integrity and good sportsmanship. If the Patriots are found guilty, this will put a big asterisk on their achievements and success.

Michael Jordan is a billionaire…but what does that mean for the community? @WGISports

JordanMichael Jordan has made history yet again. He becomes the first retired NBA player to become a billionaire. With revenues from his Jordan brand and his increased stake in ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats, his pockets have become obese. In 2013, Jordan pocketed 90 million just from his shoe sales of the Jordan brand. His shoes are still the most sought after even amongst the current superstars of the NBA. His name is iconic. People spend nights outside of retail stores to be the first in line for the purchase of his new line of sneakers every year. The lines outside of stores anticipating the release of the new Jordans are mind boggling. The support from the urban communities across this country is strong. But where is his support for them?

While people are trying to be the first to purchase Jordans on the first day of sales, Jordan is rumored to have invested his money in prisons to lock up these same people. Prison is big business, and Jordan allegedly has purchased stakes in this venture. He is a hero to many people. Adored, admired and respected. Some of the current NBA players themselves were once kids from the urban community that looked up to Jordan. I’m from the school that if love is given, love should be exchanged. This doesn’t seem to be the case with him. I guess it was enough for him to perform and excel at the highest level in the NBA to the delight and excitement of the fans. But the thing that gets me is how things are systematically set up to the detriment of the poor and to the advantage of the rich.

While the making of these sneakers are at cheap labor, the prices of these sneakers are at a high markup. These high prices are to cover for the marketing, rent stability, and payout to the endorser. Not to mention the company/corporation has to see some profit to keep afloat. Meanwhile, the poor people who want to wear these sneakers to feel associated to some type of self worth save multiple checks, or spend their tax money. The super desperate however, resort to killing the ones who stood in line to purchase his sneakers. And this is where investing in prisons would come in handy. These killings over Jordans have been going on for decades…literally. Almost 30 years to be exact since the first inception of the Air Jordans. In an interview done back in the mid eighties, Jordan said that to blame him for the killings over his sneakers is a cop out. The responsibility should fall on the parents to teach the kids values. While that may be true, Jordan should know by now that in this country the media influences the minds of many, and he has used the media to influence the minds to purchase his product. There are many households without a stable foundation therefore the children are being raised by the media. His response was ideal in theory, but he knows that’s not the reality of this country especially in the urban communities. Therefore, an investment in prisons would be profitable. Whether true or not,as an icon in the community as well as globally, it would have been nice to see him use his money to build more schools and community centers to help the underserved. It would have been nice of him to help in decreasing the killings, instead of anticipating it. To deny your influence on society with the help of media is the real cop out.



This is the conference I believe will be filled with surprises and upsets. The competition is so serious on this side! All the teams are well coached, and very talented with exciting superstars with quality role players that can be starters for many teams. The 8th seed in the Western Conference, if moved to the Eastern Conference would dominate! Two reasons this is the case: quality guards are paired with quality big men…In all the teams! I see upsets!’s my breakdown!


Oklahoma City vs. Memphis Grizzlies (series tied 2-2)

Memphis-Grizzlies-2014-NBA-FinalsA must watch series. The explosiveness and skill set of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook against the power and skill of Zach Randolph and Mark Gasol. Not to mention the budding stardom of Memphis pg. Mike Conley who right now would be considered a top ten point guard. This series has been close, it has been a knock down, drag out fight. Every shot was contested. And all the stars are playing at optimum levels. It can go either way and it will go the distance. Prediction: KD has his partner in crime back which will help OKC climb over this big hump. OKC in 7.


Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors (series tied 2-2)

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers - Game TwoAnother must watch series. Golden State surprised the Clippers taking the first game in their house. However they responded with a complete thrashing in game 2. But it still works well for the Warriors as they now have home court advantage. All they needed was one away game. A lot of offensive firepower in this series with the “Splash brothers” Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson going against point god(yes, I meant that..point god) Chris Paul and the ever explosive and athletic Blake Griffin. This has become a budding rivalry as they have started jawing at each other and got into a few skirmishes in recent past. Both teams have two brilliant and hard nosed coaches in Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson who comes from the school of team ball and defense. This series is exciting because you will see both offense and defense on display. Game 2 notwithstanding…Prediction: The Warriors will come out to play, and play past this series. Golden State in 7.


Portland Trailblazers vs. Houston Rockets (Portland leads 3-1)

dl-pbLaMarcus Aldridge is that dude! It’s been said that the playoffs births legends and if this is any indication, Aldridge is well on his way. Superb performances by him scoring back to back 40+ points. Accompanied by another budding star Damian Lillard, Portland’s one-two punch is working effectively thus far. What’s Dwight and James Harden to do? Will they recover? I doubt it. Prediction: Trailblazers in 6.





Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs (series tied 2-2)

San Antonio Spurs v Dallas MavericksThe Spurs’ geriatric crew just knows how win, knows success like we know how to tie our shoes. This is why they are back in the mix. Often boring to watch but they are a well oiled machine that is fundamentally sound, and their basketball I.Q. is off the charts. Dirk is riding hard for Dallas with a jump shooting Vince Carter and Shawn Marion, but it won’t get them far against this fine tuned vintage squad. Prediction: Spurs in 6